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Located around the central and higher pineclad elevations of Troodos, the Lemesos (Limassol) Mountain Resort region features charming village communities.

Located around the central and higher pineclad elevations of Troodos, the Lemesos (Limassol) Mountain Resort region features charming village communities. The region offers a wide network of different nature trails, suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, as well as mountain biking and cycling routes. Skiing is also available in the area during the winter months. A recommended regional attraction is the Troodos Environmental Information Centre, located 200 meters west of Troodos square (40 on the Troodos area-Western map). The Centre provides extensive information on the Troodos National Park, as well as general information on the geology, flora and fauna of the region. Another place to visit is Pano Platres, where the Cyprus Tourism Organisation Information Office is located. Platres (1,230m.) is the largest Troodos resort, situated about 5km from Troodos square. It is the area where most Troodos accommodation establishments are concentrated.

Tip: Visit Platania picnic site, 6km from Kakopetria on the Kakopetria – Troodos road, and have a rest or a stroll under the beautiful plane trees. Facilities include picnic tables, a restaurant and children’s play areas.

Cultural events

Cyprus Herbs Event: takes place in Platres village during October. Visitors can learn about the big variety of the indigenous herbs and get to know about their properties.


Platres in the summer is a booming mountain village with over 9,000 inhabitants in the peak of the summer months. Because the village is so popular with tourists during the summer, most of these inhabitants are related to the tourism industry. But, amazingly, the permanent residents of the village all year round are just 250 people. In fact since 1881 when the village had a population of 100 people, throughout the years the population has risen and fallen, reaching its maximum permanent residents of 500 in the year 1946. Apart from the tourism industry some of the residents work in the area of fruit cultivation.
Foini village lies in a lavishly green natural environment among pine trees on the steep slopes of Troodos Mountain. It is a wonderfully graphic place among the mountain peaks at an altitude of 3,020 feet.
The Nature bestowed the village of Moniatis with the most beautiful colors and scents. Moniatis is an “exquisite resort” built in the foothills of Mount Troodos. It has “rich vegetation, mostly pine trees”.
Giorgos Karouzis depicts the natural beauty of Moniatis with an excellent description. Specifically, he writes: “Only the colors of green and the height of some trees indicate the different kinds of vegetation. The tall and thin cypresses stand out, the deep green walnuts, the eucalypts with their red trunks and their peculiar leaves, the tall linden trees with their silver and green leaves, all next to the creel of the small confluent of River Kourris”.