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Troodos Mountains, due to its altitude, is covered in snow during winter. It is a popular resort for skiers during the skiing months. Tourists and locals alike visit the mountains during the summer to take a break from the searing summer heat down at sea level. Walk through the forests on one of the nature trails and take in the wonderful scents and aromas and enjoy looking at the waterfalls and surrounding views.

The Troodos mountains are unique in their geology and one of the only few places in the world where scientists can examine oceanic crust without needing to go to the sea. An underwater volcano that erupted 90 million years ago, and the reason the island was formed, has given rise to pillow lava which is observable throughout the mountains. The area of Troodos is also home to one of the 5 most copper rich areas in the world. Some say the island’s name ‘Kypros’ is derived from the Latin name for copper, ‘cuprum’.


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Cyprus Troodos Villages


The villages in Troodos are very charming, and contain folk architecture and cobbled streets. Located on the slopes of the mountains they are mostly situated amid orchards, vineyards and pine trees complete with corresponding scents and aromas. These rural villages are renowned for their warm welcoming hospitality, traditional local cuisine. Unique wildlife, magnificent views and nature trails complete the picture. Platres is worth a visit seen as it is the most famous mountain resort in the Troodos mountain region.


Cyprus Troodos Dams


Troodos Mountains have natural river networks that flow out in the winter months into the surrounding dams and rivers in the wider areas of the island, in all directions, thus contributing to the island’s water levels which are very often extremely stretched during the intense heat at the height of summer.


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Cyprus Flora and Faouna

Flora & Fauna

This area is renowned for its richness of flora and fauna, hence its name. It contains 750 species of plants. The park animal life is protected here. The birds are of particular interest to nature observers: the Bonelli’s Eagle, the Griffon Vulture, the Scops Owl, the Cyprus Warbler, the Cyprus Pied Wheatear and many others. In the wider area you can encounter the moufflon (Ovis Gmelini Ophion), a species of wild mountain sheep with thick sinuous horns that lives there. The geology is unique in this region with an ophiolite complex created from oceanic crust 90 million years ago and is still well preserved and observable throughout the area.


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Troodos Cycling Routes

Biking can be enjoyed all year round in Troodos. Possessing quiet paved roads, splendid scenery, great biking terrain and revitalizing fresh air. The official ‘Troodos cycling routes’ are a 57 km path around Troodos National Park complete with area maps, directional signs, road markings and complete bike guide of the area.


Cyprus Winter Season

Winter Season

Troodos Mountains in the winter is a magical place to be. A beautifully clear atmosphere, the snow, blue skies and breathtaking scenery attracts everyone, including skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. Mount Olympus lies at the summit of the Troodos Mountains and it's traditional local name, ‘Chionistra’, translated is ‘the snowy one’, and is very popular for snowboarders and skiing, whether they are beginners or pros.


Cyprus Picnic and Camping Sites

Picnic & Camping sites

Troodos has plentiful picnic sites which lie under the umbrella of the Cyprus Forestry Department. They are located where access is easy, where there is shade and water. There are a range of facilities available; tables, sanitary facilities, playgrounds, barbeque sites, drinking water, car parks and others- all free of charge. Three camping sites offer the possibility for overnight stays at a nominal fee per night of stay. These camping sites offer all the basic facilities you need.


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Walking on Troodos

Troodos is picture perfect for hiking and leisurely walks. With different slopes of varying degrees it is great for people of all ages and abilities. Refer to the Cyprus Nature Trails and European Long Distance Path E4 publications for lists of available trails. You can find these publications at one of the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) information offices.


Cyprus Waterfalls


The Xantara Falls are found on the Trooditissa River (also known as Diplos Potamos) in the village of Fini which lies at 3,400 feet above sea level and is part of the state forest. The water falls from a height of 26 feet. Located on the outskirts of the village Platres in Troodos, Caledonia Falls is one of the highest falls in Cyprus. Water falls from a height of 40 feet. You can reach it via a path leading to it. The water which falls from the Mesa Potamos waterfall, constituting mainly gabbros rocks, falls from a height of 23 feet. In Platres you can see the Millomeri Fall, renowned for its natural splendour. Water here falls from a height of 50 feet. Some of the falls are hard to access since they have only been discovered recently.