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Get to know the wonderful Cyprus wines by wine-tasting and try the grape based delicacies in the traditional villages, old monasteries or wine museums. The CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organization) organizes six wine routes where visitors can get acquainted with the island’s enchanting and humble wineries. The CTO has also published a Cyprus Wine Route Guide which is available to the public.

These wine routes in the Limassol and Paphos districts are visible on many different roads with road signs bearing the name of the wine route. On these routes you will encounter amazing scenery, wineries and lovely graceful villages.



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All the PDF e- Brochures was taken from the CTO. You can get a copy from any Cyprus Tourism Organization office in Cyprus.


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Krasochoria Lemesou

These are renowned wine villages, perhaps the most renowned on the island. Lying amongst enchanting scenery, this is a stronghold of traditional wine making. Found in the Limassol district, they are known as the Krasochoria, which in English is translated ‘wine villages’. The Krasochoria have the greatest concentration of wineries on the island. Koilani and Omodos are a few worth mentioning. This route is truly unique compared to the others. The Mediterranean climate and geological properties of the area combine to produce excellent wines, mainly from the indigenous varieties already mentioned in the Vouni Panagias – Ambelitis B description as well as from the imported varieties such as Mataro and Cabernet Sauvignon. Take in (apart from the wine) the charming village scenery with its traditional architecture, cobblestone passages and sample the traditional Cyprus cuisine in some the best taverns on the island.


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Quaint villages with a welcoming hospitality as well as the charming countryside with it's pine trees and vines invite you to have a good time. The villages in this area, including Pitsilia, a winner of the Nom d’Origine, are spread around the mountain peaks of Madari, Machairas and Papoutsa. The high altitude and the geology in this area contribute to the quality of the grapes and subsequently the richness of the wine. The indigenous grape varieties found here dominate the vineyards- which is a good thing.


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Koumandaria Wine Route


Koumandaria is Cyprus’ most ancient wine and, is world famous. The fourteen koumandaria villages along this route date back to the 12th century when the knights of St. John were producing and exporting it. One of the oldest named wines in the world, made from sun dried grapes to enhance their sugar content result in a sweet wine not dissimilar to sweet cherry. Visit the surrounding wineries in the protected zone as well as the centuries old Laneia wine press which has been refurbished. Worth visiting is the medieval castle of Kolossi, once the base of the Knights of St. John.