• Cyprus Troodos Nature




See the island from a different perspective; go to the mountains of Cyprus. At 6,500 feet above sea level, the tip of Troodos gives amazing 360o views of the whole island. Enjoy the fresh mountain air whilst taking in the exotic natural environment and take a break from the heat.

Although the Troodos Mountains (scientifically known as Troodos ophiolite complex) were formed approximately 80 million years ago, they rose from the sea about 20 million years ago to create the island of Cyprus. The geology in this area is studied by scientists from all over the world; it one of the only few places in the world where scientists can examine oceanic crust without needing to go to the sea to learn more about the birth of the earth’s crust.

The unique to Cyprus flora found on Troodos is most likely due to the climatic conditions of the high altitude and the unusual geological bedrock. With over 750 different plant species, 70 of them endemic, and from which 12 cannot be found anywhere else in the world. See the Cyprus moufflon (Ovis Gmelini Ophion), a species of wild mountain sheep with thick sinuous horns, unique to the island, which lives there. The birds are of particular interest to nature observers: the Bonelli’s Eagle, the Griffon Vulture, the Scops Owl, the Cyprus Warbler, the Cyprus Pied Wheatear and many others.